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About US

Our company started its operations with the converting facility established in İzmir Bayraklı in 2001 in order to produce for both its own brands and private label products. Our activity here has been in the form of producing napkins, toilet paper and kitchen towels from the semi-finished cleaning papers in the form of bobbins procured from outside.

Our organization has shown a very rapid development in production and sales and has turned to new investments. In 2004, it commissioned its integrated facility, which includes semi-product production and converting, in Torbalı, Izmir. While gaining the opportunity to produce the semi-products that it needs in this facility, it has also been able to increase its product range, and it has become able to produce products for the away from home products Market. It has become able to sell semi-products, which are more than its own needs, to other companies, especially to foreign markets.

Europap Tezol continued its growth in the following years, and after doubling the capacity of its factory in Torbalı, İzmir in 2009, it increased its capacity by 50% with a new factory investment that was put into operation in Mersin Tarsus OSB in 2016.

The factories of our organization located both in İzmir Torbalı and Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone have been established with deinking processes in the cleaning papers sector of our country. With this environmentally friendly process, cleaning paper is produced from recyclable waste paper collected from the market, and these are mainly exported to foreign markets.

Our Production Facilities

Europap Tezol, a dynamic and constantly renewing organization, continues its activities with its two integrated factories located in İzmir-Torbalı and Mersin-Tarsus OSB. PM1 and PM2 Production Lines are located in the İzmir factory, while the PM3 line is located in the Mersin factory. The total capacity of the three lines is 90,000 tons/year. Both of our factories are integrated with our converting departments.

Our İzmir factory consists of 35.000 m2 closed area built on 55.000 m2 open area, Mersin consists of 27.000 m2 closed area built on 53.000 m2 open area. There is also a cogeneration facility in the İzmir factory, where our own energy is produced from natural gas.

With the deinking facilities in both of our factories, it is ensured that the scrap papers collected and procured from the market are recycled and used in a way to create added value. By exporting these, a net foreign exchange inflow is provided to our country.

In our paper machines, semi-product bobbins up to 2.85 m in width and 2.2 m in diameter are produced from scrap paper and cellulose mixtures in the range of 14 – 40 gr/m2, at 0 – 100% ratios, and they are directed for our own converting needs and for export.

The bobbins produced in the paper machines are produced according to the final product specifications, and in the following converting section, each product group is sized and folded as napkins, kitchen towels, facial tissues, pocket tissues, Z-towels, dispenser towels and packaged with appropriate packaging.

Our Mission

To use different raw materials, auxiliary materials and processes by supplying or developing them in order to produce the most economical paper in all quality segments.

While producing cleaning paper from recycled paper, creating added value and contributing to the sustainability of natural resources

Our Vision

To be an organization that provides good quality at competitive prices in both domestic and international cleaning paper markets, while maintaining its sensitivity to the environment and people.

Our Family

It is people who make the difference.

As a talented, visionary and passionate team that loves its job, we makes a difference in what we do.

We believe that we will grow as we share, we can be more efficient and more productive knowing that the real owner of our company is everyone who works.

Our peaceful and pleasant working environment; Our understanding of working, which is suitable for maintaining a balanced business and private life, further increases our commitment to our work.


As we are aware of the needs of our customers, we are also aware of our strength and what we can do.

We raise awareness about our customers’ observance of the price/performance relationship.


By closely following international developments, we contribute to national research and increase product quality and process efficiency. We are proud to see that our work results in positive contributions to society and the environment.

Thanks to training and continuous improvement, we offer our customers new and rational possibilities.

Sustainable Growth

We develop strategies to adapt to change. Without neglecting to focus on our core business, we constantly follow our customers and sectors, and continue to grow with new markets and products.

We create job opportunities for more people by growing with existing and newly acquired representations.


We care that our customers trust us and see us not only as a supplier but also as the best business partner.

Production capacity

90.000 TON

We produce for our domestic and foreign customers with a capacity of 90,000 tons per year.

Our Family

700+ Employees

Playing an important role in employment, we are growing our family day by day.

ISO 500

431st place

In 2022, our company rose to 431st place among the Top 500 Industrial Enterprises according to ISO 500.

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