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leaving behind

a green future


We are using sustainable manufacturing technologies to leave a green legacy for future generations

Latest Production Technologies

We support sustainability projects and initiatives. We manufacture our products using the latest technologies without harming nature.

How Do We Succeed?

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Witness the Transformation!

Since we have started using Deinking System to produce recyclable paper in 2007, Our company has been the leader of the industry in our country.

The Production Process: How Do We Make It?

Our Corporate Video

We Care About Quality!

We have ISO 9001 Quality Management System as evidence of our discipline, ISO 14001 as proof of our respect for the environment, ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001 to optimize occupational safety and employee health, and ISO 27001 to keep information security at the highest level, IFS HPC for evaluating the product safety and hygiene of manufacturers and suppliers, FSC to emphasize our sensitivity for our forests and we use the cellulose of companies that have this certificate in our products.